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body acceptance in haiku form.

Fat & Naked is a fusion of haiku and images. 

V. Leigh is very comfortable in her own skin. She wasn't always but for most of her adult life she has been. After hearing from a medical professional that she had diabetes based on her weight (she doesn't) without said professional even looking at her bloodwork (numbers were and still completely normal), V. decided she needed to do something about fat acceptance. 

Taking a look at her own journey and the journey of others - mostly women and gender non-conforming individuals, V. put pen to paper and started writing. 

Once the ink had dried, V. decided to put her money where her mouth is; the story wouldn't be real without pictures. Her own pictures... fat & naked. 

Enter Kimberlee Peterson AKA Lotta Photo. 

Lotta is a master at capturing story in the image form. She is also incredibly passionate about body image. Her keen eye and and understanding of the human form is the perfect fit for V. Leigh's poignant poetry. The results are not only a work of art, but a statement. Body's are beautiful at all sizes. And no one should be judged or shamed based on their weight.

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